So. CAP USA Hair Extensions by Village Hair Designers

Prom, Wedding or Special Occasion? Let us take you from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY!

Whether you’re looking for length, volume, ornamental flair or highlights, professional salon hair extensions will enable you to customize your look with precision and quality care. With over 81 hair extension colors in three different textures and designs, our SO.CAP. USA HAIR EXTENSIONS are ideal for any occasion.

SO.CAP. offers a complete line of hair colors and hair ornaments such as strands of crystals and feathers. There are fantasy colors, like purple and pink for the adventurous. For the more conservative, we’ll find a beautiful color that will perfectly match your own natural color.Not only do the colors vary, but so do the textures. They are available in straight, curly, and wavy.

Thinking about Highlights? Hair Extensions are a great way to highlight your hair with any color without using a lightener and foil! No damage, no commitments! Take it out when you want to change or when the trend it over. ¬†Perfect for parents who don’t want to potentially damage their kids’ hair with chemical treatments.

Our stylists are certified by SO.CAP Hair Extensions, which are among the finest hair extension products in the world. They use only the best hand selected real human hair with absolutely no synthetics. They are bonded to the clients own hair with a keratin bond. This means there is no braiding or weaving, and no damage to the client’s own hair.

Please call to make an appointment or to consult with our certified hair extensions specialist. Consultation required.